Vandan Vihar, Most Desired Cozy Apartmets in Pune.

When we think about buying a house, we take into account a number of locations like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, and more. But frankly, we have to negotiate somehow, either in terms of the price to be paid or the location of the apartment or the surrounding environment, and a lot more, which deep down makes us feel a little sad.

But what if I say we have a city that fulfills all our wants and expectations at a reasonable price?

Don’t believe it?

That dream-satisfying city is Pune! This city has thrived in all aspects. It already has giant IT parks and also preparing to adopt more such IT and business parks. Also, the city has major shopping centers, hospitals, schools, universities, and all the other facilities one really wants. If we speak about ease, it provides decent connectivity from bus to train.

Now that we are satisfied, Pune is going to make us feel great in all aspects. Let us know about the home that is going to make us feel the same concerning its price and amenities. We will be talking about the stunning project named “Vandan Vihar” by GVN Developers at Wadki, Pune.

Let us begin with procuring some knowledge on the builder, GVN Developers Pvt. Ltd is a leading company for real estate production in Pune. Premium standard homes are built by the company. The business works in the residential housing market and has an outstanding track record of delivery. With premium products, furniture, and fittings, GVN Developers build and design spaces and provide residential properties that embody contemporary architecture and practicality. With strong financial strength, high corporate governance, and a strong execution track record, they enjoy excellent customer relationship management and support. They also have an experienced management team with a proven track record in real estate development and have delivered homes before time with high construction quality.

GVN Developers has so much to prove them trustworthy that we are left with nothing to question about but to know about the wonderful project they are offering. GVN Vandan Vihar in Wadki, Pune is a residential project by GVN Developers. The project is scattered over a gross land area of 1.5 acres. GVN Vandan Vihar has a total of 2 buildings in each tower, with parking on 7 floors. The project is made up of 164 units. On the southern edge, Vandan Vihar is surrounded by hills, offering spectacular views from the project’s upper floors. The project is designed with ultra-modern shear wall construction technology that makes construction solid and resilient along with spacious interiors for all weather conditions. Homes are designed in such a manner that at least 3 sides of each house are exposed to natural light and ventilation in this project. Because of the Dive ghat hills surrounding the project, the site provides fresh and pure air.

The 1 BHK and 2 BHK apartments in Wadki were built with superior features and facilities for a lifetime of luxury. Vandan Vihar provides facilities such as a clubhouse, naturally ventilated yoga hall, open-air gym, multi-purpose lawn, play area for girls, Ganpati Temple, Gappa katta for senior citizens, and jogging track.

Besides the benefits arising from the apartment itself, its location adds primacy to the project. It might seem that Wadki is on the outskirts of Pune. The truth is, however, that it is situated just 18 km from Swargate bus depot and 21 km from Pune railway station, taking about 50 minutes to ride. In addition, several workplaces such as SP Infocity (7.6 km), Magarpatta city (12 km), Kharadi IT Park (17 km), NIBM road (15 km), Ramtekdi Industrial estate (13 km), kondhwa (14 km), etc. are within 40 minutes of the position of our plant. Most notably, just 3 km from our project site is the Pune Municipal Corporation boundary. With a travel time of up to 30 minutes from the project site, all basic facilities such as schools, hospitals (OPD clinics, maternity hospitals, specialist hospitals, Hi-Fi Super-specialty Hospitals), malls, etc are located.

Whether you want to reside, give it on rent, or looking for a property to invest in. The project offered by “GVN Developers Pvt Limited” is not just available at an affordable price but also comparatively budget-friendly making “Vandan Vihar” a worthy and non-negligible property to invest in for all the desired purposes.

Getting a home loan in Pune for such a grand property may seem somewhat difficult but this property is listed under the HomeCapital home down payment assistance program. GVN Developers have included a home down payment assistance in order to help people buy their dream home early in life rather than waiting to accumulate funds. How this works is that the buyer can avail up to half of the home down payment requirements for buying the property. This will be an interest-free credit to be repaid in 12 months. Without any hassle, you can buy your dream home and still have your savings for your future plans.

HomeCapital provides the Home Down Payment Assistance program to connect these apartments with more homebuyers – a program that also financially helps homebuyers in early rather than late buying their dream home. HomeCapital is the pioneer of the Down Payment Assistance (DPA) program for homeowners.

During Negotiation

Upon entering the board room or any other negotiation with due preparation (see other article before negotiation), then consider adding these techniques to your repertoire. These are all good solid people skills that will put people at ease and reflect on you positively…whether you’re in a divorce settlement and it’s furniture or homes up for grabs or you are a bigger business out to merge tempoarily with a smaller business, these skills will be invaluable.

Start each negotiation with a friendly handshake and decent eye contact. Be sure as always that you have dressed in a manner that the other party will not find offensive. In other words, make sure you are taking this negotiation seriously by trying to prevent hindering viewpoints in advance of entering the negotiation.

Consider telling a joke. Like most good talk show hosts, be sure to tell a story to break the ice. It reminds people that though there are dollars and cents to consider, you are also a human being. It puts you and the other person at ease and it also makes you look good. Always choose to tell a story that makes you sound human or revolves around you in some way. Telling a joke about an ethnicity or minority is completely out.

There is one amazing talk show host that comes on at midnight on the CBC called George Stephanopolous. He started his show the other day with a first hand account of how he thought a racoon had come into his house through his window and he was freaked out. It gets worse. Makes him look funny throughout and worse yet, it turns out to be a cat. He told this slice of life for a good five minutes.

Even I was sitting there after ready to listen to every word this man said. I was blown away by this reminder that despite his great job, he is human and naturally, that meant I would place value on what he said.

Try to quietly lay out the ground rules after the story. Remind the party that your negotiating in of why you are interested. Try to have a few good reasons. Point out the positives that may be accomplished but of course, let them know that though you are negotiating, it may take time to ‘do the deal’ and that is to be expected when so much is at stake.

Good manners now come into play. Remember good eye contact. Remember to maintain your composure, your posture throughout with good eye contact. This reflects well on you that you are willing to listen. Chances are the other person will offer less than they would actually deliver. Though you would be tempted to pepper the person with the presentation with question after question, hold onto them by taking notes. Unless there is a serious misunderstanding, do not try to ask questions until after the presentation. This could break the flow of their presentation.

While in negotiations, avoid negative body movements such as sloped shoulders. This means disinterest. Make sure not to tap or shuffle. Maintain a studious composure. Don’t doodle! Whether you’re a big company thinking of merging with a little company for a project, the bigger company must come off good if not better than the smaller company. You want people to be in negotiations with you, otherwise you would not have come to the meeting. Your secretary would still be saying that you’ll phone them back.

Listen to the presentation and take notes. It means that you’re interested and that they do have points of interest. It also helps you to stay on task.

When it is a natural break or the presentation is over, ask questions.

To maintain complete control in a negotiation, you would not offer one square thought but of course, this would not go over well with a company that spent time on a presentation. Praise the good points in the presentation and ask a few questions. Perhaps, direct questions to find out where you meet in terms of negotiations.

Put down some points on paper that you both can mutually consider and make a copy. Sketch these out with possible scenarios of how it works in conversation. Try not to get hung up in the details. These can be tied up later.

A first negotiation typically leads to a second negotiation when you do not immediately agree to everything. When things mean so much such as two businesses coming together for an event, you need to make sure that you consider such things as reputation. Will partnering with this company adversely affect you? Are the stakes too high? Do you want more guarantees? What are the expenses? If your company covers one thing, what will their company cover or are the budgets merged?

In terms of settlements, agreement on the first round is almost unheard of and the reasons for this are plentiful. So make sure that after a reasonable time, you end the proceedings and ask for a second negotiation after you both have considered all the points that bring up.

Those who rush to the altar are often disappointed so key here is having more than one negotiation and repeating many of these same successful people skills, great skills to improve your negotiation repertoire.

Overcoming Presentation Jitters by Hiring Communication Consultants

Presentation jitters happen to everyone. Whether you are a college student defending a thesis or a top executive delivering the quarterly company update, presentation jitters are inevitable. It does not matter if you are a first-timer or a considered expert. Presentation jitters know no status or job title. It simply comes uninvited even if you have spent days and weeks preparing for that big speech. Clammy hands, stutters, fast heartbeat-these are just some manifestations of presentation jitters. But here’s the thing: that’s normal. Keep in mind that nervousness is nothing but mismanaged energy. Therefore, the challenge is how to manage that energy and transform it into something positive and useful.

This is where communication consultants come into place.

Communication consultants are a group of individuals who render professional services in speaker training, professional presentation, brand strategy, and other communication-related tasks. Companies usually hire communication consultants to help their team build a solid platform for both internal and external purposes. Choosing the most apt team to help you in your communication requirements is quite crucial. It is important that you know your specific requirements so you can match it with the expertise of your consultant. Here is a list of some possible services that you can get from a legitimate and reliable communication consulting company.

Speaker Training

Catering to CEOs, executives, and company leaders, speaker training programs seek to help you conquer the stage. It involves effective strategies on how to make a long-lasting impression in front of your audience. It also teaches you how to prepare a speech including content creation and delivery. Keep in mind that the quality of your speech material must go hand in hand with your manner of delivery. Oftentimes, good intentions are ruined by bad executions. That is why it is important that your communication consultants are reliable enough to help you achieve both of these. Additionally, speaker training programs also guide you in knowing your audience. Your audience is a huge factor in a presentation so it is very crucial that you know your subjects, why you are speaking to them, and why you are doing it in the first place.

Powerpoint Creation and Recall

Communication consultants can also help you in coming up with effective powerpoint presentations. Most of the time, powerpoint presentations are taken with little considerations. But did you know that those slides can make or break an important talk, speech, or lecture? Powerpoint presentations support the message that you want to convey to your audience. Take note that an ideal powerpoint presentation is one that has a perfect combination of creativity and brevity.

Design, Copywriting, and Production

Your company’s communication manuals are also essential elements to building a professional and trustworthy image. Communication consultants can help you come up with catchy and informative materials that will serve your brand, attract the right market, and engage your audience.

Media Training

With the changing landscape of communication, being in the forefront is quite challenging. That is why consultants can also help you gather the right platforms with the right message. Social media integration helps you maximize the availability of various platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter in getting the right message across. This training program also includes building credibility and establishing ethos within your audience.

Keep in mind that consultants may vary according to their line of expertise. But without a doubt, they can help you and your company convey your message and make long-lasting impressions. More than overcoming presentation jitters, communication consultants actually help in establishing a solid and credible image.