Presenting a Battle Plan to the Pentagon

When presenting a battle plan to the Pentagon the presenter must understand that the Pentagon has some of the most advanced war planners in the history of mankind. Most of these Pentagon war planners have read nearly every book written on military history and battle tactics.

Most of these war planners have not only been in combat in the heat of battle when chaos and controversy rule the day, but they have also beaten their opponents and enemies whether they were actual or war game simulated enemies.

Therefore it behooves the presenter to have their facts straight and be able to have contingencies for hundreds if not thousands of what if type questions. The presenter of a battle plan to the Pentagon must also know their facts and not simply rely on the old CIA data for the region or country where the future battle might take place. Real Intel is paramount and Internet based information is as good as hearsay.

And when presenting a battle plan to the Pentagon the presenter must have high self-esteem and talk with authority and have lived enough days to have experienced the reality of life and traveled enough to know what they’re talking about. Some of these old generals, commanders and admirals did not fall off a turnip truck and you can expect some of their IQs to be in the neighborhood of 150 plus.

When presenting a battle plan to the Pentagon the presenter must understand the new paradigm of war in the net centric battle space, as well as being versed in guerrilla warfare tactics of Colonel Boyd and the lessons learned in Iraq. Please consider this in 2006 when presenting your battle plans to United States Pentagon.

Making Business Presentations that Will Make You BIG MONEY! – Entertain em, Make ‘Em Laugh

I once heard that to make a presentation that would make you lots of money you had to do at least three things: 1. get into people’s heads by having them open their ears to what you are saying, 2. Get into their hearts so that there is some emotional connections, and then 3. Get into their wallets with the sale.

If people are sleeping while you’re punching the buttons or clicking on the next item for them to watch, they won’t be buying anything at the end of your presentation. If you are too technical you’ll be forgetting that the person writing the check is still human and you need a human connection if you are expecting a human to buy, not the computer.

Some people are good at getting the process of the sale started, but lack the skills to get the deals to happen quickly without many more visits to the customer or additional presentations. Money is lost along the way and money is spent with way too much effort, for poor results.

You must get you audience’s attention quickly. They must want to hear or see more from the beginning. People are spoiled by the instantaneous world we live in. You can avoid connecting with people for lots of things by sending them text messages and faxes. You can break-up with someone in voicemail or e-mail.

It’s getting scary, they can go to the computer screen and just delete us. Try something new, going back to the basics to making some human connections because they are fewer of these every day. People can’t even get listened to. If you call just about any big business in America, there’s a voice recognition robot or something that responds to what they think they heard you say. We are desperate for a person to talk to who will just understand us and consider our feelings.

Make a presentation for people and see what happens to your income.

Overcoming Presentation Jitters by Hiring Communication Consultants

Presentation jitters happen to everyone. Whether you are a college student defending a thesis or a top executive delivering the quarterly company update, presentation jitters are inevitable. It does not matter if you are a first-timer or a considered expert. Presentation jitters know no status or job title. It simply comes uninvited even if you have spent days and weeks preparing for that big speech. Clammy hands, stutters, fast heartbeat-these are just some manifestations of presentation jitters. But here’s the thing: that’s normal. Keep in mind that nervousness is nothing but mismanaged energy. Therefore, the challenge is how to manage that energy and transform it into something positive and useful.

This is where communication consultants come into place.

Communication consultants are a group of individuals who render professional services in speaker training, professional presentation, brand strategy, and other communication-related tasks. Companies usually hire communication consultants to help their team build a solid platform for both internal and external purposes. Choosing the most apt team to help you in your communication requirements is quite crucial. It is important that you know your specific requirements so you can match it with the expertise of your consultant. Here is a list of some possible services that you can get from a legitimate and reliable communication consulting company.

Speaker Training

Catering to CEOs, executives, and company leaders, speaker training programs seek to help you conquer the stage. It involves effective strategies on how to make a long-lasting impression in front of your audience. It also teaches you how to prepare a speech including content creation and delivery. Keep in mind that the quality of your speech material must go hand in hand with your manner of delivery. Oftentimes, good intentions are ruined by bad executions. That is why it is important that your communication consultants are reliable enough to help you achieve both of these. Additionally, speaker training programs also guide you in knowing your audience. Your audience is a huge factor in a presentation so it is very crucial that you know your subjects, why you are speaking to them, and why you are doing it in the first place.

Powerpoint Creation and Recall

Communication consultants can also help you in coming up with effective powerpoint presentations. Most of the time, powerpoint presentations are taken with little considerations. But did you know that those slides can make or break an important talk, speech, or lecture? Powerpoint presentations support the message that you want to convey to your audience. Take note that an ideal powerpoint presentation is one that has a perfect combination of creativity and brevity.

Design, Copywriting, and Production

Your company’s communication manuals are also essential elements to building a professional and trustworthy image. Communication consultants can help you come up with catchy and informative materials that will serve your brand, attract the right market, and engage your audience.

Media Training

With the changing landscape of communication, being in the forefront is quite challenging. That is why consultants can also help you gather the right platforms with the right message. Social media integration helps you maximize the availability of various platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter in getting the right message across. This training program also includes building credibility and establishing ethos within your audience.

Keep in mind that consultants may vary according to their line of expertise. But without a doubt, they can help you and your company convey your message and make long-lasting impressions. More than overcoming presentation jitters, communication consultants actually help in establishing a solid and credible image.