The trendsetter Architect Mailing List from AverickMedia!

Each marketer dreams of making it big in the global business landscape, be it any field or industrial sector. What they actually need is a good-quality email list. And they don’t have to worry too much as a B2B database service provider named AverickMedia has to offer a high-profile Architect Mailing List that contains data categorized on the basis of job title, industrial sector, location, and more. This mailing database will soon be very popular on-demand. Let’s delve into what the outlook of this email database would be like:

The complete guide into AverickMedia’s Architect Mailing List

The outlook of the Architect Email Database would be something like this:

Approximately 46K verified contacts
An email count of nearly 28K
A contact accuracy score in the high range of 85-100
And there’s more….
An email list that’s rich in data, all the details first to last have been outlined in an organized manner and customized as per the region. It’s also modernized on a routine basis so that the data provided to the marketers are always honest. As AverickMedia leaves no stone unturned in ensuring there’s no compromise of any kind, potential marketers can efficiently work towards structuring a better marketing campaign that will generate valuable leads. By purchasing the Architect Mailing List, marketers can widen their business scope across different states of the US. The database comprises everything that will make the marketers’ job so much easier; details for contacting and complete profiles of the ideal target leads in the architecture field, and the address of their websites and emails.

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What’s AverickMedia all about?

Even though there might be a large number of database service providers that marketers will stumble upon while looking out for email lists, AverickMedia is that B2B database service provider that’s hard to ignore because of the type of email databases on offer that covers any industrial sector. With full profiles of leading industries that are always revamped now easily available to marketers, AverickMedia promises to guarantee marketers the leisure of saving time and money.

Hire Certified Professionals To Repair Hot Water Tank Properly

The people looking to install the hot water tank for the first time can get advice from the professional. The technician understands your needs and suggests the right solution. The hot water tank is a standard appliance in both commercial and residential buildings nowadays. With advanced technology, the water heater is more efficient, and it delivers hot water quickly.

If you need to install the hot water tank, you can hire the professional hot water tank service Calgary. The technician will install the hot water tank properly with the help of the right tools. However, improper installation affects the efficiency and lifespan of the water heater. So it often needs repair that can dig into your pocket. For this reason, you can hire the experienced professional to install the appliance correctly.

What services water heater repair and installation company offers

The top hot water tank repair and installation company has experienced experts to deliver quality service to the customer. Track the record in service delivery and read the client review before hiring the technician. The company’s primary focus is to provide affordable hot water tank installation or repair service without compromising its quality of service. The reliable company provides large ranges of services include:

Pre-installation consultation
All models hot water tank installation like solar, electric, and gas
Leakage repair on the connected pipe and tank
Post-installation routine checks
Flush cleaning to eliminate mineral deposits
The company has an experienced customer service team to provide an instant answer to your queries. The expert is available around the clock, so you can contact them at any time you need. Whether you need complete hot water tank installation or basic repair, the technician can install all types of new water tank installations.

3 Signs to replace or repair the hot water tank

The hot water tank adds convenience to your residential place by offering hot water when required. During the winter season, hot water is essential for household activity. Like other appliances in the residential place, a hot water tank should install professionally. The following are some signs that indicate it is time to replace or repair the hot water tank.

The element in the rust of the hot water tank can leads to the hot water with visible rust. The house owner will want to verify the hot water to spot it carefully.
The water heater is leakproof. However, if anyone notices water around the water heater, there is a chance of the leak. So before it turns into the big one, you should address this problem and fix it.
The hot water tank can last over ten years. If the device has reached its durability, it works on borrowed time and will repair quickly. However, based on the water heater model, you need to replace it every eight years.
Other signs are inconsistent water temperature, worn-out water heater, and noise. Hiring the hot water tank Calgary is the best choice for repair and installation. They provide professional service at an affordable price ensured to offer long-term value. The expert takes care of client needs and gives professional advice in the hot water tank installation.

Vandan Vihar, Most Desired Cozy Apartmets in Pune.

When we think about buying a house, we take into account a number of locations like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, and more. But frankly, we have to negotiate somehow, either in terms of the price to be paid or the location of the apartment or the surrounding environment, and a lot more, which deep down makes us feel a little sad.

But what if I say we have a city that fulfills all our wants and expectations at a reasonable price?

Don’t believe it?

That dream-satisfying city is Pune! This city has thrived in all aspects. It already has giant IT parks and also preparing to adopt more such IT and business parks. Also, the city has major shopping centers, hospitals, schools, universities, and all the other facilities one really wants. If we speak about ease, it provides decent connectivity from bus to train.

Now that we are satisfied, Pune is going to make us feel great in all aspects. Let us know about the home that is going to make us feel the same concerning its price and amenities. We will be talking about the stunning project named “Vandan Vihar” by GVN Developers at Wadki, Pune.

Let us begin with procuring some knowledge on the builder, GVN Developers Pvt. Ltd is a leading company for real estate production in Pune. Premium standard homes are built by the company. The business works in the residential housing market and has an outstanding track record of delivery. With premium products, furniture, and fittings, GVN Developers build and design spaces and provide residential properties that embody contemporary architecture and practicality. With strong financial strength, high corporate governance, and a strong execution track record, they enjoy excellent customer relationship management and support. They also have an experienced management team with a proven track record in real estate development and have delivered homes before time with high construction quality.

GVN Developers has so much to prove them trustworthy that we are left with nothing to question about but to know about the wonderful project they are offering. GVN Vandan Vihar in Wadki, Pune is a residential project by GVN Developers. The project is scattered over a gross land area of 1.5 acres. GVN Vandan Vihar has a total of 2 buildings in each tower, with parking on 7 floors. The project is made up of 164 units. On the southern edge, Vandan Vihar is surrounded by hills, offering spectacular views from the project’s upper floors. The project is designed with ultra-modern shear wall construction technology that makes construction solid and resilient along with spacious interiors for all weather conditions. Homes are designed in such a manner that at least 3 sides of each house are exposed to natural light and ventilation in this project. Because of the Dive ghat hills surrounding the project, the site provides fresh and pure air.

The 1 BHK and 2 BHK apartments in Wadki were built with superior features and facilities for a lifetime of luxury. Vandan Vihar provides facilities such as a clubhouse, naturally ventilated yoga hall, open-air gym, multi-purpose lawn, play area for girls, Ganpati Temple, Gappa katta for senior citizens, and jogging track.

Besides the benefits arising from the apartment itself, its location adds primacy to the project. It might seem that Wadki is on the outskirts of Pune. The truth is, however, that it is situated just 18 km from Swargate bus depot and 21 km from Pune railway station, taking about 50 minutes to ride. In addition, several workplaces such as SP Infocity (7.6 km), Magarpatta city (12 km), Kharadi IT Park (17 km), NIBM road (15 km), Ramtekdi Industrial estate (13 km), kondhwa (14 km), etc. are within 40 minutes of the position of our plant. Most notably, just 3 km from our project site is the Pune Municipal Corporation boundary. With a travel time of up to 30 minutes from the project site, all basic facilities such as schools, hospitals (OPD clinics, maternity hospitals, specialist hospitals, Hi-Fi Super-specialty Hospitals), malls, etc are located.

Whether you want to reside, give it on rent, or looking for a property to invest in. The project offered by “GVN Developers Pvt Limited” is not just available at an affordable price but also comparatively budget-friendly making “Vandan Vihar” a worthy and non-negligible property to invest in for all the desired purposes.

Getting a home loan in Pune for such a grand property may seem somewhat difficult but this property is listed under the HomeCapital home down payment assistance program. GVN Developers have included a home down payment assistance in order to help people buy their dream home early in life rather than waiting to accumulate funds. How this works is that the buyer can avail up to half of the home down payment requirements for buying the property. This will be an interest-free credit to be repaid in 12 months. Without any hassle, you can buy your dream home and still have your savings for your future plans.

HomeCapital provides the Home Down Payment Assistance program to connect these apartments with more homebuyers – a program that also financially helps homebuyers in early rather than late buying their dream home. HomeCapital is the pioneer of the Down Payment Assistance (DPA) program for homeowners.

Secret to Having Good ADHD Relationships – Being Present

The first article on the topic of Having Good ADHD Relationships talked about how people habitually make incorrect assumptions about the intentions of others, often with dire consequences. The article shared what I’ve learned through the years about this phenomenon and how unconscious most of us are that we do it, how often we do it, and how many people we do it to. We talked about the case study of Maura and Jack whose relationship was on the rocks and were desperate for help as a result of years of misjudging each other. Luckily for them, they did get help in time and were able to turn their negative communication patterns around by being open to changing their unconscious assumption making.

The next secret to maintaining good ADHD relationships has to do with taking time to pay attention to each other if even for a few minutes. Giving partners, colleagues, friends or family members 5 minutes of your undivided attention once or twice a week has the capacity to maintain positively connected relationships which have fewer issues and breakdowns over time. This secret is probably the most rewarding, satisfying, joy producing, and confidence enhancing of all the secrets to maintaining healthy ADHD relationships, and yet the irony is that it also seems to be the most difficult one for most to do.

When my children were little, I remember asking my therapist how much time I should be spending with them. I was feeling guilty that as a working single mom, I was not giving them what they needed. I’ll never forget what she told me, “If you give each of your children 30 minutes of undivided time PER WEEK, they will thrive.” I couldn’t believe it! I laughed as I questioned her further. What I found out was that the trick or “secret” of her wisdom was the idea of “undivided” attention. Undivided attention is just that, undivided – no telephone, no door bell, no email, no dog walking, no TV watching, just completely focused on that child for the entire 30 minutes.

Although there were times when I was able to give my children more than 30 minutes of undivided attention, there were times when that was all I could give. The gift of knowing that was OK saved me a lot of suffering and guilt about not being a good mother.

The truth is that people are in the habit of constantly dividing their attention by choosing to multi-task, allowing a myriad of noises and distractions to surround them and their own undisciplined minds and thoughts – all preventing them from truly giving their attention to the person they are with. For example, why do people spend so much money on therapists and other professionals to listen to them? For sure to help them with their issues – but in truth, equally as much to have SOMEONE in their life who is willing to give them undivided attention and actually listen to what they are saying. As a society, we have traded quality time with each other for the desire to always be stimulated by outside factors.

People with ADHD are especially likely to chase the shiny penny and are stimulation-seeking missiles. Those with ADHD will need to make a concerted effort to get support in order to master the ability to give focused attention to the people in their lives so they are able to maintain good relationships. This is luckily something they can LEARN to do.

Secret # 2: Undivided Attention So how does one go about maintaining complete focus on the person they are with? Here are some potential strategies. Try a few and then go with the one or ones that work best. Don’t forget to give it several attempts or weeks before giving up and trying another approach. Like taking on any new habit or changing old habits, 5 to 7 weeks are the typical time it takes to establish the new habit.

Strategies for Being Present:

Try to find or create a non-distracting environment. At the very least, turn off the television, computer, blackberry or cell phone. Let the landline go to voicemail. Put the Do not Disturb sign up or go someplace quiet and out of the way.
Have conversations over meals. Eating together creates a pleasant and positive milieu making it easier to focus on the other person.
Make a mental plan to blot out distractions and practice with family and friends.
Ask for help. Let others know that you are aware most people no longer listen, really listen, to each other and it is your intention to change your behavior.
Remind yourself nothing is perfect and there will be times when you can be present and times when you cannot. Make it your mission to continuously improve.
Periodically evaluate your relationships and the positive difference that you see by focusing your attention with people. It’s important to see the benefits for you to know that it’s working.
As the founder and CEO of ADD Insights, LLC, Carol Gignoux’s passion is to provide services that transform the lives of people with ADHD. Carol is well established as an expert within the ADHD coaching profession with over 35 years experience working with ADHD and over 16 years coaching.

Carol is a national speaker on ADHD topics and a motivational speaker on living authentically. In addition to coaching her clients with ADHD, she trains and supervises new ADHD coaches, and creates seminars and workshops that show people how to achieve their full potential.